Empowering Women in Toxic Relationships
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Find Your Voice Now will always be a free support group so that anyone and everyone can afford the support they seek; any woman who is dealing with a toxic relationship, whether personal or at work, who wants support navigating and finding her voice, is welcome.
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Through wellness coaching and functional nutrition counseling, we help women who have been or are, in toxic relationships, make healthy lifestyle changes. We support and guide them to discover and develop the tools that build their inner strength to eliminate the obstacles preventing them from “finding their voice” and being the healthiest version of themselves.
A free avenue for women to deal with the toxic relationships that they encounter through personal and professional interactions. Free is critical. Often women don't have the ability to reach out and they don't even know they're in toxic relationships. Those toxic relationships etch away at their confidence and their true selves.
Empower Women with Find Your Voice Now:
A Nonprofit for Overcoming Toxic Relationships

Find Your Voice Now's Mission
Annie Roth and Mary Ellen Bartlett founded Find Your Voice Now, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting women entangled in toxic relationships in both personal and professional settings.

Support for Women Facing Relationship Challenges
It is a significant fact that 1 in 4 women face physical, emotional, or sexual violence at some point in their lives. These experiences can leave lasting impacts. Find Your Voice Now addresses this issue head-on, offering a nurturing community that provides support, understanding, and empowerment to those seeking positive change in their relationships.

Transforming Fear into Courage
At Find Your Voice Now, we believe in the power of transformation – turning self-doubt into confidence and insecurity into bravery. We advocate the idea that while fear is a natural response, courage is an intentional journey. Our mission is to guide women in embracing courage over fear, helping them to assertively navigate their relationships and life choices.

Join Us: Empowerment and Positive Relationship Building
Be a part of a movement that champions positive relationship dynamics and personal empowerment for women dealing with difficult relationship environments. Together, we can foster a community where every woman is empowered to find her voice and redefine her life's path.
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